Warnborough College Graduate Research Centre - Online Degree Courses (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates) - Accredited, Non-Residence.


Warnborough Graduate Research Centre invites motivated scholars to be part of its academic community. We are NOT an 'Assembly Line' university. YOU design the programme to meet YOUR needs. Accredited non-residence Masters and Doctorate degrees may be earned by research, instruction, projects or publication. Bachelor top-up degrees are available for those lacking credits to graduate from their home campus, OR they can apply credits to graduate from Warnborough. Also, students may apply for double/dual degrees through accredited universities that are in partnership with Warnborough. Also, many courses and qualifications provide pathways to universities in the UK and beyond.

Student Feedback and Testimonials

What Students Say

Our graduates are successful and many are on Linkedin. See what they have to say about their Warnborough experience.

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Fees, Payment Plans and Scholarships

Fees & Scholarships to Meet Your Budget

Some scholarships are given against total tuition fees. We also have payment plans your design: propose your own. Pay monthly or termly.

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Professional Development and Graduate Courses

Upgrade Your Career and Status through Professional Development Courses

Professional development courses in specialised areas such as zookeeping and wildlife management.

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Become a Warnborough Mentor

Mentor For Us - Join Our Team

Want to be a part-time mentor of our faculty and share your knowledge and help others fulfil their potential? Fill this form .

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Contact us if you have any queries

Got Any Questions?

CALL US: +353 1 814 8670

We are here to help you. First, see our FAQ, or complete our course counselling questionnaire. If all else fails, email or call us!

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The Warnborough Conference on the Arts 2014

Conference on the Arts 2014

WCI is proud to have sponsored WCCA 2014.

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Read and subscribe to our blogs for the latest news, information, and interesting articles. Or find us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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Council meeting in session - August 2013Council meeting in session - August 2013

Warnborough College 2013 Honours and Awards CeremonyWarnborough College 2013 Honours and Awards Ceremony at Canterbury Cathedral International Conference Centre